Evaluating Landscape Effects Of Turf Replacement

Evaluating Landscape Effects Of Turf Replacement

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Evaluating Landscape Effects of Turf Replacement

May 20, 2019· While water savings is often studied for turf replacement, it is only one of several important objectives to evaluate. Post-program evaluations can study multiple outcomes, including: Effects of turf removal on water use and conservation savings, Changes in land cover and types of plant species after replacing turf

Evaluating Landscape Effects of Turf Replacement

Evaluating Landscape Effects of Turf Replacement Erik Porse, Stephanie Pincetl, Diane Pataki, and Tom Gillespie Outdoor landscapes in California use water for irrigation, especially during summer. Outdoor water use is the largest portion of residential water use, especially in hotter inland areas and cities with larger lots.

Evaluating Landscape Effects of Turf Replacement

Evaluating Landscape Effects of Turf Replacement. Twitter. Facebook. Email this article.... Sciences at the University of Utah and Tom Gillepsie, professor in the School of Geography at UCLA, to investigate the effects of turf replacement. Link to Full Article...

Evaluating the effects of turf-replacement programs in Los

May 01, 2019· Extrapolating from these results, broader uptake of turf replacement across the region could lead to variegated landscape types, replacing the homogeneous lawn and shrub landscaping tradition. Other factors that might be important to understand include urban albedo and urban heat island effects from different landscape replacement types.

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Blog: Evaluating landscape effects of turf replacement

Blog: Evaluating landscape effects of turf replacement As part of efforts by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California MWD to assess its 2014-2016 turf replacement program during the California drought, we evaluated how yards changed after converting a lawn through a MWD rebate in LA County.

Just for the turf of it: Turf replacement as a water

An analysis was conducted to evaluate the water savings related to removing turf and replacing it with drought tolerant landscape. Difference in Difference design and a time component were utilized to identify how many neighbors replaced their turf after the participant did, also known as the neighborhood multiplier effect.

More Sustainable and Beautiful Alternatives to a Grass

California, in fact, launched a turf replacement initiative that offers rebates of up to $500 per yard for homeowners who convert turf lawns to native, drought-resistant xeriscaping.

Turf it out: is it time to say goodbye to artificial grass

Aug 02, 2019· Artificial turf is rolled out at a home in California. Researches are concerned about the impact of chemicals in fake grass on human health and the environment.

8 options for replacing your lawn, along with their pros

Jul 14, 2015· If you were hoping to cash in on the Metropolitan Water District's turf replacement incentive, you might have waited too long. The incredible popularity

NMSU: Turfgrass Irrigation

If turf areas are irrigated significantly below ET replacement levels, the stand will lose color, turn brown, and lose aesthetic appeal. Therefore, the amount necessary to irrigate turf areas is determined by the desired aesthetics or visual appearance and whether or not recuperative ability is required.

Evaluating the Effects of Turf-Replacement Programs in

Evaluating the Effects of Turf-Replacement Programs in Los Angeles County Stephanie Pincetl, Thomas W. Gillespie, Diane Pataki, Erik Porse, Shenyue

More Sustainable and Beautiful Alternatives to a Grass

California, in fact, launched a turf replacement initiative that offers rebates of up to $500 per yard for homeowners who convert turf lawns to native, drought-resistant xeriscaping.

Environmental and Health Impacts of Artificial Turf: A

Feb 06, 2014· Preliminary life cycle assessment suggested that the environmental impacts of artificial turf fields were lower than equivalent grass fields. Areas that need further research to better understand and mitigate the potential negative environmental impacts of artificial turf are identified.

The Changing Landscape of Water Turf Magazine

For example, their Water Smart Landscapes program offers renovation grants to help both commercial and residential property owners in their area finance replacement of turf with desert landscaping. The rebate award covers $2 per square foot for the first 5,000 square feet converted, and $1 per square foot for additional area, up to $300,000 per...

What No One Tells You About Artificial Turf | Jain

Oct 14, 2015· Artificial turf to stay looking great is going to have to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Another expense and an issue for the landfill; Under artificial turf you get really unhealthy compacted soil that may not ever be a good host to real plants again; Compacted soil under artificial turf does not absorb water well so it often creates a run off issue

BMP 6.7.2: Landscape Restoration

BMP 6.7.2: Landscape Restoration Landscape Restoration is the general term used for actively of des the restoration of forest i.e. reforestation and/or meadow and the conversion of turf to meadow. In a truly g areas that do require landscaping and/or revegetation should be

Turfgrass Crop Coefficients Kc Center for Landscape

Lawns and other turfgrass plantings closely match the standard conditions used for estimating plant water use with reference evapotranspiration ET o data, so true turfgrass K c ’s have been scientifically determined.. The K c ’s in Table 1 below adjust ET o to estimate the water required by common turfgrass species to perform as good quality lawns or other general turf surfaces.

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Article 7 Landscaping CHAPTER A GENERAL Section 1 Purpose and Intent. This Article provides general direction and establishes minimum standards related to the following: [Ord. 2018-002] A. Design principles to ensure compliance with the Managed Growth Tier System MGTS ; [Ord. 2018-002] B. Review process and decision making standards for the evaluation of Landscape Plans; [Ord. 2018-002]

Turf Replacement Rebate Save Our Water Rebates

The $24 million program budget is expected to support the conversion of more than 10 million square feet of turf, or approximately 20 percent of the statewide goal of 50 million square feet of turf. Up to $2 per square foot of removed and replaced turf will be rebated per eligible household.

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Plant Factor or Crop Coefficient: What’s the difference

Research-based landscape plant factors PF and turfgrass crop coefficients K c have been established Table 1 and can be used to adjust reference evapotranspiration ETo data and estimate the water requirement of a plant type wherever it is grown. Under identical weather conditions, different plant species can have different evapotranspiration ET rates and thus different water requirements

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The final definition is any major remodel. That could mean a completely new kitchen or the conversion of a basement/attic into a living space. Anything deemed repair, replacement, or maintenance is tax neutral. However, significant upgrades and improvements get the attention of the assessor’s office when permits are pulled.

Vehicle‐Mounted Optical Sensing: An Objective Means

Optical sensing of plant reflectance provides objective, quantitative turf quality evaluation and requires no turf experience. This study was conducted to assess the accuracy of optical sensing for evaluating turf quality, to compare the rating consistency among human evaluators and optical sensing, and to develop a model that describes a...

Artificial Grass May Save Water, But Does It Endanger

Landscape irrigation is estimated to account for nearly one-third of residential water use in the U.S., totaling nearly 9 billion gallons per day. In some regions, outdoor water use can account for up to 70 percent of a family's water consumption, according to Alice Webb-Cole, an expert with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern...