Running Tracks Robbins Sports Surfaces

Running Tracks Robbins Sports Surfaces


Running Tracks Robbins Sports Surfaces

Robbins has extensive expertise in designing floor systems for collegiate track and field activities that also perform as campus recreation and multifunction facilities. We offer several sports surfaces that are compliant with IAAF performance standards in both running spike-resistant and spike-proof configurations.

Durathon Elite Track Robbins Sports Surfaces

The toughest floor for the toughest competitors. From the most trusted name in sports flooring, Robbins brings you Durathon Elite, a high performance rubber track surface designed for SPEED and DURABILITY. With surface texture options ideal for competition track & field, and multi-purpose activities, Durathon Elite is designed for today’s modern fieldhouse.

Durathon Robbins Sports Surfaces

Robbins’ highly durable Durathon ® systems offer excellent force reduction to prevent long-term micro-injuries while providing superior energy restitution to deliver outstanding athletic performance. These sturdy workhorses feature textured surfaces ideal for a variety of spike and non-spike track and field activities; Durathon ® Elite Track can be used indoors or out.

Pulastic SP140 Robbins Sports Surfaces

Your running track never looked so good. PULASTIC SP 140 is a spike proof, highly shock absorbent, premium surface specially engineered for indoor running-spike usage. As one of our toughest systems, Pulastic SP 140 is the preferred choice for professional and non-professional indoor track and field usage. Pulastic SP 140 can also double as an excellent multipurpose surface.

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Pulastic SP Track 160 SP Track 160 is a high-performance track system, that doubles as a high-end surface for other indoor sports activities. Read More. Durathon Classic Durathon Classic is the industry leader in strength and longevity, with unmatched physical properties for the most intense training facilities. Read More. Pulastic SP 140

Facilities Robbins Sports Surfaces

Gyms, weight rooms, locker rooms, fieldhouses, indoor and outdoor running tracks, theaters, auditoriums and multipurpose rooms. Facility Detail Campus Recreation Centers

Synthetic Sports Flooring Robbins Sports Surfaces

Fusion systems allow for the merging of multiple surface types wood and synthetic to come together to create one continuous floor; Versatility and flexibility for facility’s to host today’s popular sports activities and events, now and in the future

Pulastic Robbins Sports Surfaces

Robbins is proud to offer Pulastic® seamless synthetic multipurpose and specialty sports floor systems, durable, versatile solutions imported from the Netherlands. Manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, these high-performance floors offer comfort and safety in competition, intramural and amateur sports as well as general fitness

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Sep 26, 2019· Every Robbins floor system is engineered to deliver supreme comfort and safety to improve performance. If you think all your floor options are the same, take a second look. Then, give your players the safety and protection they deserve. Contact Robbins today

Pulastic® SP 140 Synthetic Sports Floor System – Robbins

Pulastic SP 140 is a preferred choice and standard for competition track construction. Proven Safety. Ideal surface friction that protects runner and jogger safety. Resiliency for comfort and injury prevention. Seamless, non-porous and smooth surface for easy maintenance, repair and the ability to be resurfaced. Proven Performance

Best Types of Running Track Surfaces for School Sports

Best Types of Running Track Surfaces for School Sports Facilities.... High school running tracks in a less populated area, with little need for a competition track and a small budget, may be fine with one of the more modest latex or polyurethane bound systems. While a school in a highly populated area with a higher budget and desire to host...

How to Choose the Best Track Surface Types of running

Latex running track surfaces. Latex-bound tracks provide great safety, performance, and durability. The springy surface is both very fast and very forgiving. What’s more, it’s often permeable, enabling water to easily drain from the track. The basic system is black, but contemporary latex running surfaces come in three types of colored...

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Welcome to Competition Athletic Surfaces. We do just what the name says: build and repair running tracks, tennis courts, turf fields, and indoor sports floors for athletic facilities, primarily in the Southeastern United States. We believe athletic competition achieves its highest form when contested on high-quality tennis, track, volleyball, futsal and sport surfaces, and we deliver a product that is consistent in its

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epiQ Tracks innovative rubber running track surfaces do not contain solvents, heavy metals, mercury, or other toxic materials, which can qualify your new track surface for LEED points – a critical action for ensuring that your design will be energy and water efficient, as well as comfortable for your athletes.

Tennis Court Resurfacing and Construction | We will renew

Sport Surfaces LLC brings our customers’ dream courts and sport surfaces to life. We start from the ground up, constructing each of our courts and completing all of our resurfacing projects with the customer as our top priority. We strongly believe that for a licensed tennis court contractor to be successful, they must commit to every detail of the customer’s specifications.

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Playteck & Beynon to Provide Track Surfaces for 2021 Canada Games At Brock University. 10.24.2019. At the Surface of Atlantic Canada's New Giant Indoor Facility. 08.26.2019. Virginia Beach Sports Center To Make A Splash With Beynon’s Rise-N-Run Hydraulic Track. Performance & Safety... Banked Tracks. Service. Site Construction Guidelines. FAQ...

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Over the past 38 years Clive has been involved in the sports industry with an excellent reputation he is a highly experienced and motivated Project Manager/Senior Applicator at national and International level with an excellent track record of installing Multi Sports Surfaces both in the UK and Globally.

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Abacus Sports’ specialty has always been sports flooring. We take pride in every sports floor that we install, and strive for excellence in each project. Our expertise in pad and pour, recycled rubber, vinyl, and running tracks comes from over 25 years of field experience. Learn more about our sports floors by clicking the links on the right.

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We love hearing from our customers! If you have any questions about our sports equipment products or sales offers, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss options for custom or rush orders as well. We look forward to hearing from you! Please calls us directly or fill out the form below: Robbins Sports toll free: 1-888-490-6672

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Abacus Sports is a sports flooring contractor. We install all kinds of athletic surfaces.... doggy daycares, horse barns, and more. Our seamless surfaces make cleaning a breeze, so you can keep your facility clean and impress your customers. Running Track Construction... The top athletes in the world trust us because we install running tracks...

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For over 40 years, Robbins Sport Surfaces and Revell Flooring have partnered together to manufacture and install the finest sports flooring systems available. Revell Flooring is the exclusive Authorized Robbins dealer for Georgia and South Carolina.... Synthetic and Rubber Running Tracks; Maintenance Contracts or Supplies;

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